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ARCHIVES Where were you in 1952?  

Philips Group Magazine from August that year have been added to the Archives, this our oldest issue so far introduces the Mitcham feeder factory at Whyteleafe.
Another issue from that year has notes on Bonaly House in Oxted the war time HQ of Philips UK.
When you look at the Archives index you will see we have nearly 100 issues for you to browse, right up till 2005.
If you have any of the missing issues, please email Tony Metcalf who will be very pleased to pay postage and return them to you after adding them to our Archive.
These magazines where published in UK to share the news from all parts of Philips Electronics UK. They cover people, products and achievement from companies and product divisons which were part of Philips Electronics UK. Most of the companies, offices and factories have gone, sold off, or merged. The Archive task was undertaken as a means to provide history with the words and pictures reported at the time.
The issues just added have been loaned by Tony Slaymaker. Many thanks Tony.

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HISTORY of Rallying on the Isle of Mull

Reading our Archives, you will come across many reports on this annual event with backing for one or more Product Division.
In 1968, while on a family holiday at Glengorm Castle near Tobermory, the late Brian Molnyeux of Mullard Blackburn had the brilliant idea of holding a Road Rally on the Island. Organising a Rally has been described as holding a football match in someone else’s back garden, but it was an extremely ambitious idea when the large garden that is Mull, is over three hundred miles north of Brian’s base in Lancashire, and this was long before the M6 and M74 existed to assist travel from England across the border.
At this time, Brian was Chairman of the Mullard Cycle and Car Club in Blackburn, which became known as the 2300 Club as a more manageable title. The change of title came from taking the initial Club letters, M.C.C.C, translating them into Roman numerals, which becomes 2300.
He successfully sold the idea of the Tour of Mull to his fellow committee members, partly because rallying in the North of England was beset with Public Relations issues at that time. It was a brave move, as I can only think of one person on Mull at that time with any interest in the sport, but Brian and his team put a huge effort into convincing the Islanders that this was a good idea and the first Tour of Mull was planned for 18th October 1969.
With full acknowledgements to Beatson's, see www.mullrally.org/history/ where more history of the event may be found.

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